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About Us

About Us

Hill Brothers has been supplying the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains with industrial chemicals and construction products since 1923. Having been in the business for so long, we have a strong sense of our history and those values that have helped us to endure. Hill Brothers Chemical Co. of 1923, consisting only of two committed brothers, built a reputation of confidence and reliability that we, their successors, diligently preserve. Today, with the seven sales divisions, ten facilities and thousands of loyal customers worldwide, these values are still at core of everything we do.

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Hill Brothers Company Profile

Integrity, Quality, Safety, and Service…this has been the message of Hill Brothers Chemical Company since the day we opened our doors in 1923.

Quality Assurance Management Program

It is the purpose of Hill Brothers management to produce the highest quality of product which meets or exceeds the requirement of industry codes and the expectations of our customers.

Safety & Compliance

For over 75 years, Hill Brothers Chemical Company has been committed to the safety of its employees. The involvement of all employees in the process of improving the workplace, procedures, environment, and working…

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