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Magnesium Hydroxide


  Hill Brothers 60% magnesium hydroxide slurry is a safe and cost effective solution for neutralization of acidic or metal – containing waste water.  In addition to efficiently neutralizing waste water, Aquamag is extremely effective in minimizing sludge volume generation.


  • Effective with virtually all acids present in waste stream effluents

  • Cost effective

  • Prevents over-treatment problems (max pH of 9)

  • Safe for personnel and the environment

  • Low system maintenance

  • Easy to handle

  • Aquamag slurry has a low 32˚F freezing point

  • Readily available – stable pricing

  • No sulfate sludge

  • High solids level in Aquamag slurry

  • Produces less soluble salts (TDS)

  • Reduces metal sludge volume

Hill Brothers has been helping the industry achieve “excellence in effluent” for over thirty years. When evaluating all of the benefits of Aquamag, you will find it to be an effective and a cost-efficient choice.

Aquamag Vs. Caustic Soda

Aquamag is a non-hazardous, eco-friendly product so check out the advantges of using Aquamag over Caustic Soda.


Aquamag Vs. Lime

Aquamag is a self-buffering, low sludge product so check out the advantages of using it over Lime.

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