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Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride

Hill Brothers manufactures and distributes Calcium Chloride, liquid and dry, for a variety of end uses. With manufacturing points in Rowley, Utah and Amboy, California and distribution points throughout the Western United States, Hill Brothers is positioned to supply your requirements. We have a large network of trucks and railcars to deliver product to your locations on time, every time.
Different Uses of Calcium Chloride:

Oil & Gas Drilling

Calcium Chloride is used in establishing and maintaining oil and gas wells. It helps well fluids gain needed consistency, increases density and stabilizes shale formations. As a completion fluid it seals…    

Snow & Ice Removal

Road and Maintenance crews have a huge task every winter removing snow and ice from roadways to ensure safe travel. In adverse winter conditions, HICO THAW Calcium Chloride is best for melting…

Concrete – Ready Mix

Calcium Chloride is the most commonly used accelerator for concrete in North America, and for good reason. Since the 1920’s, Hill Brothers has supplied Calcium Chloride that has proven…

Dust Control/Soil Stabilization

Dust control and road stabilization is a major concern regarding unpaved roads. Dust obscures the vision of drivers and increases wear and tear on vehicles. In addition, businesses and communities…

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