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Calcium Chloride

Concrete (Ready Mix)

Calcium Chloride for Ready Mix Concrete

Calcium Chloride is the most commonly used accelerator for concrete in North America, and for good reason. Since the 1920’s, Hill Brothers has supplied Calcium Chloride that has proven to be reliable, readily available, economical, and the most efficient concrete accelerator available.

Experts agree that logical and prudent use of Calcium Chloride in concrete has shown to be beneficial for early strength and accelerated set times. Calcium Chloride is one of the oldest and most successfully used concrete accelerator and early strength admixture used in the concrete industry.

Benefits of using Hill Brothers Calcium Chloride in Concrete:

  • Greatly reduces finishing labor on flat work

  • Provides for earlier form removal and reuse on structures

  • High early strength reduces breakage and loss of precast units

  • Reduces time of set and increases early strength of fly ash concrete

  • Speeds up curb and gutter placement

  • Provides high early strength for interstate and local highway repair

Hill Brothers maintains a large inventory of both liquid and anhydrous Calcium Chloride at each of our Regional locations. With Manufacturing points in Rowley, Utah and Amboy, California and distribution points throughout the Western United States, Hill Brothers is positioned to service your requirements. Hill Brothers supplies liquid products that meet the stringent specifications requirements of ASTM D-98 as well as an industrial grade product suitable for use in non-specified ASTM D-98 work. We have a large network of trucks and railcars to deliver product to your locations on time, every time.

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