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Calcium Chloride

For Dust Control And Base Stabilization

Dust Control And Base Stabilization

Dust control and road stabilization is a major concern regarding unpaved roads. Dust obscures the vision of drivers and increases wear and tear on vehicles. In addition, businesses and communities need to meet clean air standards set by the E.P.A. To ease the burden of your road maintenance, Hill Brothers Calcium Chloride is perfect for dust control and road and soil stabilization.

Calcium Chloride is a brine solution that draws moisture from the environment (hygroscopic) which acts to keep road surfaces moist and compact. This hygroscopic property holds the dust down and keeps fines on the road where they belong.

Why Calcium Chloride?

In performance studies, Calcium Chloride is ranked amongst the best in overall performance in controlling dust. In fact, in environments that cause the worst dust, Calcium Chloride showed a greater affinity for water than other hygroscopic solutions. Because of Calcium Chloride’s superior ability to draw moisture to itself, it is the best choice for dust control requirements.


Another important advantage Calcium Chloride has is that it can be concentrated to a higher strength. Calcium Chloride is a processed material manufactured under strict quality control conditions. That means the weight percentage of Calcium Chloride you order is exactly what you will get. Calcium Chloride can be concentrated to 38% solids requiring less product to be applied to achieve the same results as our nearest competitor. In addition, less water shipped results in lower freight costs.

Road Stabilization:

Besides controlling dust by keeping fines on the road, Calcium Chloride keeps the surface dense, hard, and smooth. Freeze thaw damage is reduced so road breakup is less likely. The aggregate and crown remain intact which assures proper drainage and fewer potholes caused by erosion and washouts. This leads to reduced maintenance costs in the form of fewer bladings . Calcium Chloride eliminates undue wear on equipment and saves economically by reducing water runs and aggregate replacement.

Calcium Chloride is a competitive alternative to your dust and road stabilization needs. In fact, Calcium Chloride is one of the most prevalently used dust control products in the country. Hill Brothers offers experienced people who can help with road preparation advice, as well as on the job assistance to assure your dust control work is done properly. With plants located 60 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah and in Amboy, California, we can offer the Western U.S. unparalleled service at very competitive prices.

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