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Quality Assurance Management Program

Materials & Suppliers

Materials & Suppliers

The components that are used to produce Hill Bothers products must reflect the exceptional quality our formulations intend to achieve. A high degree of uniformity is essential to formula consistency. This is accomplished by carefully specifying each material, choosing a competent source (or sources), and continuing to purchase from these approved suppliers. Since many of the criteria by which these materials are judged require specialized and time consuming tests to confirm compliance, Hill Brothers demands and depends heavily upon the manufacturers’ certification of compliance. Prior to vendor approval, the minimum requirements are as follows:

Submit specification or Data Sheet prior to sample request to R&D Submit a representative sample to R&D for performance evaluation with the existing formula.

An approval notification from R&D will be submitted to the purchasing agent. Raw materials – Are outlined by an acceptable product specification sheet, and are accompanied with a certificate of analysis or conformance upon receipt at the facility. Upon receipt of each raw material, the receiving facility confirms that each package is un-damaged, properly identified, and when applicable, that a certification of compliance has been supplied. The receiving facility verifies all raw materials by visual inspection, supplier certificate, and in-process testing during the manufacturing of final-products. This testing is intended to verify that the raw material conforms to the required specification. Each separately identified batch or lot of a raw material are tested individually. Non-conforming raw materials must be isolated and returned to the supplier. Under no circumstances may a non-conforming raw material be placed into inventory or used in production. Repackaged / Distributed Products – When Hill Brothers sells a product manufactured and packaged by others, we represent that the product conforms to specifications provided by the customer, and agreed to by Hill Brothers. It is prohibited under this policy to alter a distributed product in any manner. Each shipment of packaged product received from the supplier and which we intend to resell is always accompanied by a certificate of analysis or a certificate of conformance specific to the lot numbers of the shipment. Either document shall certify conformity to the specification or standard. Non-Conforming Material – Raw materials or finished products which are found to be inconsistent with the standard are isolated in the warehouse and identified accordingly. The decision to return it to the supplier, to re-work it, or to discard it is the responsibility of the Facility Manager. Under no circumstances will a non-conforming raw material be placed into inventory or used in production. Test results are to be recorded and maintained for a minimum of two years.

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