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Quality Assurance Management Program

Quality Assurance Management Program

It is the purpose of Hill Brothers management to produce the highest quality of product which meets or exceeds the requirement of industry codes and the expectations of our customers. Adherence to these policies and procedures will provide assurance that all products submitted to our customers conform to product specifications and requirements. Our quality policy encompasses operational and quality factors pertinent to the correct processing of our products in our plants. Extensive training has assured that all the individuals responsible are acquainted with our state of the art Quality Management System. It is with this system that we will meet the expectations of our customers. It is Hill Brothers policy to apply and enforce the system to all articles and materials received, manufactured, distributed, and repackaged by Hill Brothers Chemical Company. This system will provide personnel and customers of Hill Brothers with a description of company policy for maintaining an effective quality assurance program. In an effort to further assure that our quality program exceeds industry standards, we have periodical inspections by outside evaluation services, such as the International Code Council – Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) and NSF International.

About the Program

Each and every product manufactured by Hill Brothers Chemical Co. conforms to formula or a published product specification, which sets forth all pertinent characteristics of that product.

Our Team

Every Hill Brothers’ employee carries a responsibility for his or her contribution to the overall quality effort. Collectively, our quality goal is total customer satisfaction. How each person performs his or her job…

Materials & Suppliers

The components that are used to produce Hill Bothers products must reflect the exceptional quality our formulations intend to achieve. A high degree of uniformity is essential to formula consistency.


Development of product specifications for all manufactured products have been specified by the Sales and Marketing Division and the Research and Development Department and approved by the QCC. These standards may…

Our Focus

Audits are an integral part of our Quality Control Program to insure that all aspects of the company adhere to our corporate policies. Under no circumstances shall deficiencies addressed in audit reports be…

Our Commitment

The Hill Brothers Quality Assurance Management Program is a system which employs every aspect of our company to bring forth a product not only of the highest standards, but of superb quality.

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