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Calcium Chloride

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Removal

Road and Maintenance crews have a huge task every winter removing snow and ice from roadways to ensure safe travel.  In adverse winter conditions, HICO THAW Calcium Chloride is best for melting snow and ice.

Now, all the history proven advantages of Calcium Chloride de-icing are available in easy to use, corrosion inhibited, liquid Calcium Chloride from Hill Brothers. We call it HICO THAW. And, when corrosion inhibition isn’t a concern, regular Calcium Chloride from Hill Brothers works just like HICO THAW.

What is HICO THAW:

HICO THAW is a patented formulation of corrosion inhibited Calcium Chloride. Tests have shown a significant reduction in chloride corrosion in steel and aluminum. Less corrosion means longer equipment life, which benefits the road owner, the road maintenance crew, and the road user.


HICO THAW and Calcium Chloride act faster than other chemical de-icers. When HICO THAW Calcium Chloride comes into contact with ice and snow, it produces an exothermic heat reaction that attracts moisture from the air. This gives it superior ice and snow melt capability. The most important factor is that it is effective to sub-zero temperatures. When other chemicals, including salt, lose their ability to perform, HICO THAW Calcium Chloride still does the job.

Prolonged melting:

Because HICO THAW is already in solution, it works faster and for a longer period of time. This can protect the road against ice formation for many hours.

HICO THAW saves money:

The superior melting action of HICO THAW, either by itself in anti-icing, or with rock salt or other abrasives in de-icing, will increase the productivity of your snow removal equipment and personnel considerably. Many using HICO THAW have reported reduced application rates by more than 50%, cutting the number of crews needed to handle the job, as well as savings by using less rock salt or other abrasives.

A long leader in Calcium Chloride technology, Hill Brothers can provide HICO THAW or plain Calcium Chloride in a number of concentrations, tailored to specific applications. This provides the user the most economical means of dealing with difficult snow and ice problems.

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